About Me

Son, brother, husband, father, and all-around grateful guy.  I have a better life than I have any right to.  I've been surrounded by some of the strongest, stubbornest, most difficult, wonderful women to ever live.

These days, my wife and I are empty nesters, trying to figure out how to fill the next forty or so years.

My resume rivals Homer Simpson's.  Here's everything I can think of:

comic book store clerk, burger flipper, radio music researcher, popcorn popper, movie theater usher, DJ, pizza joint manager, alarm system tech, wedding videographer, printing press catcher, video editor, truck dock worker, delivery driver, nightclub sound guy, bartender, portrait photographer, radio news reporter, darkroom tech, smut writer, podcaster, antiques appraiser, digital imaging tech,dirty movie reviewer, ordained minister, computer repair tech, online video producer, ebook writer, and now, apparently, blogger

I have three IT certifications (A+, Net+, MSITP,) and four radio licenses - one amateur, three commercial.

I love cameras, cooking, stand-up comedy, and root beer.

I write dirty ebooks and sell them on Amazon, but I'm not telling you what my pen name is because it's fun to have a secret!

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